The laboratories are all equipped with modern and latest equipment. Labs function as R&D centers in the school. Teachers and students enjoy the freedom to observe experiment, analyze and create. Children have a terrific time during practical classes at the Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Labs With guidance from the staff, they discuss and exchange different approaches to conducting the practical classes, adopt experimental modes of learning and occasionally enjoy lighter moments during practical sessions.



In order to reinforce the spirit of learning and prepare students for global careers, the school has a well equipped computer lab. The computer practical skills are taught to all students from class I onwards.
The students are taught programs like Q Basic, Fox Pro, MS-Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access), Visual Basic and C++ Networking. The internet facility is also given to the students.



The digital school libraries are very well-stocked; the children spend quality time, undertaking reference work, picking up their favourite author, browsing through new titles, and updating themselves through a host of journals, magazines ranging from politics, art, science to nature, sports and entertainment. Welcome to our School Library! We hope you will enjoy using the library. Here is some information that will help you to use the library better.
The library of our school is part and parcel of the academic setup. It is created and maintained to serve and support the educational activities of the school.



Physical education and competitive sports are important facets of school life that promote fitness, cooperation, sportsmanship and school spirit. IPS can boast of a large playfield, with popular sports like football, basket ball, cricket and volley ball being pursued by the student. Apart from Taekwondo being taught upto primary classes, the school promotes yoga to enable students learn how to deal with stress, lack of concentration and empower them to become strong in body and mind. For overall development of personality, inter-branch sports tournament is organised for all Imperial Public Schools situated in Varanasi, Hathwa, Patna, Chapra & Digha.



First Aid facility is available in the campus and medical help from a well equipped local hospital with well-trained doctors is arranged whenever it's required. The school also arranges routine medical check-up of students. A students returning to school after suffering from an infection is required to produce fitness certificate by the Doctor.



We offer safe and reliable transportation services for students, ensuring convenience and peace of mind for parents. Our dedicated team prioritizes punctuality and passenger safety at all times. Ensures efficient routes, modern buses, and trained drivers, guaranteeing students' safety and comfort. With GPS tracking and regular maintenance, we prioritize reliability, punctuality, and parental peace of mind.